4 Mistakes You Are Making On Online Dating Websites

online dating loveOnline Dating can be a daunting experience.  You are putting yourself out there to the world and basically waiting in the hopes you will find that special someone.  To make your experience a good one, there are a few areas one needs to pay special attention to.

So many make ridiculous mistakes that pretty much ruin their opportunity of a successful outcome.  It is hit or miss sometimes and possibly those quirky habits you have or weird noises you admitted to making whilst sleeping, will intrigue someone, but we think you can do so much better.

Waffle Waffle

talking waffle waffleNo one likes a ‘waffler’.  And no, we don’t mean someone who can make waffles.  In fact, we think that a waffle maker skill could be quite endearing. No, we mean the type that just talks too much.  They don’t let the other person get a word in edge wise and it all starts with your profile description.

Keep it short and sweet, to the point and please, please don’t go on about your ex, your depression and your kids.  A mention that you are recently divorced or separated is fine, but don’t give the gory details.  If you’re in a bad spot emotionally, it may be a good idea to work through that and then start the dating online process.  No one likes a morose, negative moaner.  And your kids.  Yes, mention them, by all means.  They are an important part of your life, but don’t go on about how Johnny knocked his tooth out and Suzie was so cute as a baby, but now is 15 going on 50.  Keep those details for when you are more comfortable and cozy with your new match up.

The chat room is meant to be the place where you suss each other out.  Every word that is sent via this medium needs to be thought out. You are there to impress but not brag.  Be yourself but if yourself means you waffle, don’t!

Rude Boy

Never be rude.  No matter how the other person may irritate or piss you off.  Rather end the conversation politely and move on.  Not everyone is going to be your perfect match.  And treating them like rubbish just isn’t cool.

Money Manners

money mannersFirst, don’t brag about how much money you have or make.  Unless you are wanting to attract the type of person who is only out for your money.  Be humble, even if you are Rockefeller.

And please don’t give away your money.  There are many con artists that draw you in with their charms and then ask you, once they feel they have your sympathy for their situation, to lend them money.  Don’t – Don’t – Don’t!

This will end badly.  Always!

Lier Lier

Whatever you do, don’t lie.  Rather withhold the truth if the truth is a doozy.  Avoid the topic if there is something you really don’t want to divulge.  A simple “now is not the time to discuss that’ or “lets get to know each other a little better”, should suffice.

If you are a serial killer or constantly abuse your kids, well frankly please sign off from the dating website and go away.  But, at the end of the day, be honest as much as you can.  However, sometimes too much honesty early on in the process is just too much.

Keep the intimate facts to yourself until you feel it would be a good time to share them.  You know, that you sleep naked, that you pick your nose in public or maybe you don’t wear underwear, ever.  I think they can do without those facts for now.

Online dating can be a great experience so don’t spoil it for yourself and others.  Keep it simple, light and humorous.