Review – All you should know!

eharmony logoSo, when it comes to impressive stats, eHarmony hits a high.  Their no-nonsense, keep-it-simple-stupid-registration process will have you up and running in minutes.

By providing you with sophisticated and extensive questionaires, from relationship wants to a personality report, you can breathe easier, knowing you are in good hands.

The Personality Test

Interestingly enough the Personality report breaks it down for you quite simply.personality-test

  • Modesty
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Social Ease
  • Planner
  • Adventure


In addition, eHarmony offers the choice of choosing from different ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds, as they believe that these factors are important to finding that special someone.  Background, beliefs and goals are all part of the questions asked upfront, which will assist you in pin pointing the perfect match.

The Man Who Started It All

Backed by a guru in his industry, Dr. Neil Warren based the eHarmony dating website on his over 35 years of experience of counseling married couples.  He identified that there are particular characteristics that were prevalent and consistant in all successful partnerships.  His 29 Dimensions of Compatibility has been broadly communicated around the world via his books, of which there are eight.  His love of all that makes a relationship tick is clear in his books, which cover all aspects from emotional health, marriage and love.

The Brains Behind the Butterflies - was born from a need to help the many failing marriages and relationships.  He is a firm believer that not all match ups in marriages should be persevered, that there is that special someone in the world for everyone.

EHarmony boasts a contribution to 4% of U.S. marriages and this number is growing. It is clear that by correctly connecting the right men and women, one can find that perfect fit.

The Simple Steps

EHarmony has 4 easy steps to getting your journey started -:

  1. Complete their Relationship Questionnaire and in turn receive a free Personality Profile
  2. Review all the matches that this will produce, in your own time
  3. Choose a plan that suits, not only your pocket but your lifestyle
  4. Start connecting with your matches and see where this leads

The Location

When it comes to matching up to someone that lives close to you, eHarmony caters for this too.  Covering all 50 U.S. States, you can be assured you will find that one without having to relocate.  That is unless you want to relocate, and then just change your search engine.  It’s that simple.


When you’re in a pickle and don’t know what to do, just click on their eHarmony Advice link and find answers to both deep and lighter questions that you may have.  EHarmony recognizes that the dating process is sometimes not simple.  While they take you through the initial steps, you still have to chat, banter and eventually meet that connection.  They can help answering a variety of concerns that most online daters have.

Success Stories

“How would I have ever found this wonderful man way up in Waupun on my own?  After so many years, I’m so glad eHarmony has the compatibility dimensions figured out because I may never have got it right on my own.  I can’t even pin point what it is that makes Steve so amazing for me.  He is so positive, easy going, yet decisive, funny, outgoing, and never forgets his priorities.  He balances me out.  It just works.  We are so happy and excited to get married this week.  Thank you so much!” Lisa  

“I would have never met him without eHarmony.  We lived in the same town but our circles never touched.  He was a source of light when I was in darkness.  I know my Dad is so very happy and will be there in spirit in September.”  Erin

Take a chance! Register with eHarmony.  You won’t regret it!