Funny Fellow – Why Women Go For the Funny Guy on Online Dating Websites

funny humour dating chat iconSo, you think you have a good sense of humor?  Most people laugh at what you say?  Well are they laughing because you’re fun or are they laughing because you’re funny?  Humor is a great trait.  Not everyone can pull off casual, natural humor.  Some just don’t have it.

But if you really are that sort of guy, then use it.  Humor is a great way to engage people and in the essence of this article, specifically women.  And as you’re here because you’re either registered on a dating website or want to be, let us explore why women do go for funny guys more than their dull, mundane counterparts.

After all, you’re the one you want them to acknowledge over that fantastic looking muscle man profile you spotted earlier.  Its not to say that looks don’t count for something and we are sure you have your own endearing features, but a good sense of humor will go along way.

Top Reasons Women go for the Funny Guy

  1. Endorphins

When you laugh, your brain emits good endorphins.  It’s that feel-good factor and women love that.  Studies show that women have changed over the years in that they appreciate humor better, especially from the opposite sex.  They have, in fact, evolved to love humor.  Whereas men, while they do love a good laugh, have actually evolved to produce humor.

  1. Suitability

Women see men you are humorous as suitable, worthy companions and father figures. Out of a survey sent out to over 50 women, 40 had humor on the top of their list as to the top 10 characteristics they would want in a potential life mate.

  1. Abs

Abs?  What do we mean by this?  Not your abs, hers.  That tight feeling you get when you laugh, in your abdomen, well women, subconsciously love that feeling.  It lifts up the diaphragm and creates a feeling of lightness and tightness.  And all women want to feel light and tight.  So, in essence, you are helping her work out at the same time.

  1. Security

Oddly, yes, humor makes a women feel safe.  If the guy can make her laugh at the world around her, then he pretty much will be able to protect her from the naysayers and the drones out there.  While you may not be the meatiest, brawniest guy out there, if you can make her look at life in a different light, a lighter, funnier light, then you have already won her over.  She will snuggle in that much closer and wait for the next nugget of playfulness.

  1. Sexy

online dating - humour is sexyYes, humor is sexy.  And, even though she doesn’t know it, she will be thinking about how you will incorporate that humor into your sexual activities.  Being able to laugh during sex is a wonderful thing.  Sex need not be a serious affair.  The right mix of banter and jesting can make an awesome combo in the sack.

So, from the onset, how do you bring in your humor when engaging in the chat room?

Subtly.  With a few small humorous statements, never derogatory and always flirtatious.   From the chat room to the Skype or phone call, keep it light and throw in playful banter that will have her giggling.  Women are and always will be teenagers at heart and you want to appeal to that young girl in her by using your wit and comical comments.

And be nice.  You can use funny comments to compliment too.  While she will initially think you are just joking with her, hit her with an admiring remark, which will have her laughing but at the same time blushing with thankfulness.