Ourtime Review

ourtime-logoYou’re over 50 and single.  That sentence alone seems like an oxymoron, to some degree.  But, in fact, there are many single 50, 60 and 70 year olds out there.  And, in addition, many looking for either companionship, friendship or love.

If you are one of these lucky few, then Ourtime.com online dating website for you.

It is never too late to find another love or a new love, whichever way you want to see it.  Age is but a number and you have but one life to live, so go out there and live it.  And living wouldn’t be worth much if you didn’t have someone to share it with.

Ourtime believe that what you wanted out of life and another person in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s is quite different to what you want as a more mature adult, and by mature adult we mean the over 50 year type.

OurTimeYour goals, your ideals and frankly your outlook on life is just different.  You may think to yourself, “but I want a younger, more vibrant companion, to keep me on my toes”.  Fair enough, but at some point you may find that there will be that little something that is missing.  Age differences need not always be an issue, but the stats show that most times, along the lines, age differences of more than 15 years, do make a difference and not for the better.

So, lets see what Ourtime has to offer you.

Easy Registration

Ourtime’s registration process is simple and no nonsense.  You simply input your personal details, answer a few pertinent questions and off you go.  Not to assume that older people are less tech savvy than their younger counterparts, but the site is really quite easy to navigate.


For those that do feel they are “with it” Ourtime offers a mobile Application in the form of either Google Android or via the Apple App store.  So accessing and connecting is as easy as a few swipes.


Tips and Advise

While you are not wet behind the ears, you may have not been on a date in a while or just feeling a little rusty.  Maybe you know your way around connecting with people but it doesn’t harm to take a look at Ourtime’s helpful tips and advise on all that is dating.

Success Stories

Many a happy subscriber can account for their successful journey with Ourtime so don’t take it from us, have a read from others that have experienced the process:-

I met a wonderful man in your site…we are so compatible…he is exactly the kind of man I have always dreamed of… Thank you very much, and I would recommend your site anytime. Again, thank you.   – White House, TN

You did your part and brought me the man I was looking for….Your site is the best by far! Thank You from the bottom of our HEARTS!!!    – Celina, OH

Thank you for your service. I meet a charming person, Funeybean and we have advanced from e-mails to phone calls followed by a luncheon date in Tarpen Springs, FL. With my daughter’s blessings he was invited and accepted an invitation to spend the Christmas holidays with us in El Paso, TX. This was followed by his invitation to me to return to FL with him as a guest in his lovely home and meet his family. We have been together since finding that after we both had had loving and caring married lives with others, he 51 years and I 49 = 100 years WOW!, that widowhood can be temporary. We believe that Divine Intervention and your organization made possible our meeting and falling in love…again, this time in our early 70’s. A lovely and fun way to go thru the ‘golden years’. Again, thank you and keep up the great work. Funhappy girl     – Dunedin, FL

Ourtime is unique and it’s your uniqueness that makes Ourtime work. Give it a try!