Profiler – How to Give Of Your Best When Building Your Online Profile

Online dating is all the rage.  It’s quick.  It’s exciting. And it’s damn scary! 

online datingBut it’s a good way to meet like-minded members of the opposite sex, or same sex, whatever your fancy.

But before you dive right into the next hot online dating website, bare all your wares and possibly make a right fool of yourself, take heed of a few ways to make your online profile the best it can be.

A well lay out, creatively written profile could mean a fast step into love lala land, and so it is worth taking your time over.

Image Conscious

A photo speaks a thousand words.  Heard that before? Well, its never been truer than on a dating website.  After all it is the first thing anyone sees, so it best speaks volumes.

No one expects you to be as handsome as Brad Pitt or as gorgeous as Salma Hayek, but you sure can give your best mug shot by putting a little effort in.  It is recommended that you have your profile photo professionally done, but tis not necessary.  Just make sure that the photo gives your best side (yes, we all have a better side), that your face isn’t all shiny and that you are smiling (a genuine smile please!).

Make sure, as well, that the photo was taken in the last 6 months.  Please, please don’t try convince yourself that you still look that same as you did when you were a teenager.  Unless you are a teenager, and then my next question to you is – what are you doing on a dating site?

Make sure it is just you in the photo and you’re not with an ex or a friend and heaven please, not your mother!

Update your photo every 6 months as well.

A Name is But a Name

Except when its your profile name.  Choose some a name wisely.  Bongoboy and TittyTeaser are just so, well, just so awful.   Unless you are trying to attract a certain type of person and I’m struggling to work out what type of person that may be, please, please rather just use your name.

Most times the system generates an automatic name based on the name you have input.  If you are using an alias, and again I must ask why, then it will create a profile name from that name.  Something like JoeBlack234 or SusanSmith009.

Urban Blurb

Most dating websites want you to put a little caption in regarding what you are looking for, a little something about yourself, basically a catchy one liner that will hook the possible match in.  That is if your photo didn’t do that already.

So consider something fun but not too silly, like “Travels well” – “Eats desert first” – “The Whole Enchilada”.

Avoid being too needy or desperate or stating ridiculous I-have-no-imagination statements, like “Can’t believe I’m on this site” – “Hey” – and my personal favorite “I’m lonely. Please be my friend”.

Put Your Creative Hat On

be creative with you profile

When it comes to that little part where you need to give a short description of yourself I suggest you write from the heart but with some flair.  Like the start to a good novel, don’t give too much backstory and tell the public a few salient points about yourself.  Most times, the site will detail your stat info, like height, hair color, eye color, whether you have an athletic build or not, that sort of data.  So, write about what you like, where you like going, what you don’t like and what you’re up to at this time in your life.

In ending, make your profile epic.  You basically are selling yourself and you have a few seconds to impress.  Take your time and make it good.