The 7 Best Online Dating Websites and Apps

Online dating websites are becoming increasingly popular these days. Gone are the times where the searching for love via the internet was frowned upon. Well, okay, there are some sites that offer less than “love search”, but if you are looking to find love, a suitable companion or even a soul mate, try using dating websites (and even Apps) to achieve your goal.

Let’s explore the best Online Dating Websites and Apps:

The Top 5 Signs You Should Hook Up

With all these choices and, it appears, a definite chance of meeting some awesome people, it makes sense to take a step back and evaluate what the signs are for when you should be moving forward from your online dating to actually meeting.

  • You Connect – what does that mean? Even over messenger, email and Skype you can pretty much get a feeling when you connect with someone. It is that invisible string that makes you wants to get closer, want to know more.
  • Laugh A Lot – they make you laugh and even at yourself. There is a casual and relaxed tone to your bantering and you always smile when you are communicating.
  • Answer Me – they actually answer your every question and have loads for you too.
  • Slowly Does It – they are happy to take a little time to get to know you on the online platform. Unless you want it to go a little faster.
  • Heart Beats – your heartbeats that little bit quicker every time you see there is a new message from them and you find yourself counting the minutes before you will be able to go online again.

Reasons to Sign Up For Online Dating

Online Dating is here to stay and you have to ask yourself the question – “why haven’t I registered?”

Meeting new people is awesome. We are meant to engage and what better way than via the Internet, safe and protected, until you feel more comfortable.

Learning a lot about yourself. By talking to people and finding out a little about them, you will also find out a lot about yourself. What type of person you like, who you don’t like, habits that irritate you and those that you find endearing.

Bursting out your Comfort Zone. Not always something we want to do but always something you should try. Take a chance and you will be surprised how much fun you will have.

Test the waters. You don’t have to commit until you are ready to or not at all. The brilliance of distance.

Options. You can scout all the possibilities, match up your ins and outs with theirs without actually meeting.

Specifics. Maybe you’re into a certain something that you want that other special someone to be interested in also. Plot it into your profile. From sexual preferences to the love of cars. We don’t judge.

Set your standards. Now is the time and moment to set your standards. Don’t put up with what you don’t like or want. Pick and choose at your leisure.

Free. Most times, it’s free and when was the last time you got something for free?

Shy Guy or Gal. Being shy is not a problem. Let your hair down. Relax and just be yourself from behind your laptop. Again, until you are ready and comfortable to take that next step.

True Love. This could be the place to meet ‘the one’, your soul mate, or your perfect match. In addition, it has been proven over and over that dating online can bring two people together for true love.

Time Constraints. Maybe you’re super busy at work and just don’t have the time, other than those few minutes here and there in your day or at night to chat. This is the perfect platform for busy people.

Time. When dealing with people from this distance and method you can present your best self. Take time to decide how to answer and how much to divulge.

Kids. If you have kids but desperately want to meet someone, this is the way to go. Suss out that person good and proper before you decide to take that step to meeting and possibly introducing them to your precious cargo.

Small Town Living. You may find that you live in a small town and feel the scope of good men or women is limited. The online sites give you the opportunity to explore an unlimited amount of people from all over the country and world.

Take a chance, take a breath and you never know what you will find via online dating websites.