Zoosk.com Review

Zoosk-blue-logoIn this day of social media, most of us communicate easier on this level.  Zoosk.com started out as a Facebook application and quickly diversified into an online presence in the form of their website and Smartphone Applications, both Google Android and Apple.

Their slogan “Leading People to Love” is becoming a real prediction for most that explore and interact on Zoosk.  Backed by a phenomenal organization filled with passionate and like-minded people, has been their strength over the last few years of growth.

zoosk - more singles who are more your style

Zoosk runs their online dating website and apps like a business.  Yet, there is that personal touch all along the way.  With recognitions from the likes of USA Today, NPR, The New York Times and NBC, you can be assured they are doing something right.

Their Values

Their values are clear.  With a variety of professionals from different backgrounds, cultures and view points, they feel they offer their clients, you, the best of all worlds.

Their Philanthropy

Giving back is a big part of Zoosk and while they know they are connecting people for life they also see the joy in giving back to the community.  They regularly contribute to the Glide Memorial, a few local art groups and even to animal houses.

Their Diversity

With an impressive bevy of employees, they have built their business around people that are innovative, passionate, team players and who love a challenge.

Their Social Presence

In addition to their sophisticated Apps and simple yet informative website, they are present on Facebook and Twitter.  With over 392 000 followers on Twitter and over 13 million on Facebook, they are definitely doing something right in the world of love.  To add to this they have a following on LinkedIn, YouTube, Glassdoor, Instagram, Google+ and Flickr.  You are pretty much spoilt for choice in how you want to keep up to date, excuse the pun, with Zoosk.

Their Advice

zoosk dating advice and tips

Take a peak at their very comprehensive advice link.  From ‘how to move from messenger to meeting’ to ‘is he right for me’, you can find out just about anything with regards to the dating process.

Once you are seeing someone, you can ask and find answers about everything on relationship issues.

And if you find yourself just not finding ‘the one’, just kissing too many frogs, then get some inspiration from their Singles Advise link as well.

Their Career Options

Feel you are the type of employee Zoosk may be looking for, then apply for one of their much-sought-after positions.  Who knows, you may just be connecting people and finding that you love the thrill.

Their News and Media Presence

Zoosk has had some impressive exposure in the media of recent.  Being interviewed by a presenter from Extra, Dr. Mike Dow, a PH.D in Psychology, takes her through how to make her Zoosk Profile that much better.

A few nuggets of brilliance that came from this interview were:-

  1. A good profile photo is key
  2. A good body shot photo is even more key
  3. Honest information is paramount
  4. Video uploads are the in thing – this gives the other party a brief of the real you in 3D

In addition Zoosk has been mentioned by Wired, TIME Magazine, Askmen+ and Women’s Health, to name but a few.

“This is the most fun you’ll have on a dating website that doesn’t involve swiping left or right to find your perfect match.”       –  Women’s Health

“…the newest flavor of digital is dating.”       –  TIME

With over 33 million subscribers under their belt and voted as the number 1 dating app, it is plain to see why you should be hooking up on Zoosk and hooking up with that potential love interest now!